Welcome To KeeYah Gardens!

We are very excited, as we are busy preparing for SPRING!  This will be our first season selling produce at locally grown supported markets.  For the past 3 years, we have been attending classes, practicing better soil techniques, interning, working with other farmers, assisting farmers in the preparation to serving customers at markets. Now it's our time to go on our own.


Fresh Garden Produce

We have been working hard to prepare our farm for the freshest, tastiest produce for our customers.  We have a variety of Spring and Summer favorites you and your family will enjoy, as well as, some new items for you to try!

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Bath, and Body Products

Whipping up the smoothest Shea Butter, that melts in your hands, and glides over your skin. Fragrances with tones that express the softness of cotton, or deep as a woody forest.  Body bars to start off your essential aroma mood, and clean fresh start any time of day.

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Meditation Products

You remember when incense sticks would permeate the air and something magical would happen in the room? Yes, we do too, now we use them to change the mood or set the tone.  Meditate to calm the spirit, and tune in to the subconscious, and hear Spirit whisper peace.

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