We are located in the Flintridge Forest Community, in Stone Mountain, Ga. Our farm is family owned and operated.  We started this journey because we wanted better food, that was fresh, local, GMO-FREE, and free of synthetic pesticides.  After serving over 18 years in the medical field, I didn't think that I was doing enough to making a difference.  I told my family that I wanted to start a garden to provide nutritious food for our family, friends, and communities.  In three years, we have turned our home into a farm, and are working diligently to make it a better place to serve the community with fresh food every day.

We are excited that our neighbors are also interested in gardening. A community garden was started and we are also a part of its development.  Last year we saw an increase in wildlife, adding to the family of owls, hawks, woodpeckers, blue jays, cardinals, to name a few, there is a family of peacocks that have moved in too.  Yes, PEACOCKS!  They produced 2 males and they enjoy the space that we all share.  It's fun to see the nature right in your backyard.

As we get closer to our spring planting season we invite you to come join us at Stone Mountain, and Lithonia Farmers Markets.  Stone Mtn Farmers Market information click here.  Bolton Rd. Farmers Market, click here for more info and the Lithonia Market Info., to be announced.  The market will be opened once a month is the latest information on the market, we will keep you posted.  We will also participate in pop-up markets throughout the city and farm shop by appointment at KeeYah Gardens.  We will keep you posted.